About Us

The Columbus Product Club is a free professional group connecting Start-ups, Product Managers, and Entrepreneurs in Central Ohio. By rallying a Product-focused learning community in Columbus, we believe that we can vastly improve the way organizations approach problems and invest in and build solutions. The club also serves as a platform for discussions on all major drivers of the Product Management discipline such as new technologies, methodologies, best practices, and emerging models for product development.

We hold a monthly meetup event where we bring in local and visiting Product Management experts to share their experiences, best practices, emerging methods, and things that inspire them.

We also partner with Taivara to power bi-monthly Product Hunt meetups where our members test drive new products in the community.

The bi-monthly Lunch and Learn meetings are a great opportunity to network and chat with great people passionate about building and shipping Product.

We've had amazing conversation and people have built authentic relationships at the monthly Coffee & Connections meetup.

This year was the 1st year for Columbus' only Product-focused conference: Lift. We learned a lot and are already starting to plan for next year's event, coming Fall 2018. More to come!

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Open Product Management

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