Developers + Product Manager Panel
6:00pm 6:00pm

Developers + Product Manager Panel

The intersection between product and engineering is where the magic happens. And that relationship can be the difference between creating something mediocre versus great. This panel (made up of 3 PdM's and 3 Engineers) will discuss the how and why a strong relationship between product and engineering is critical to product success! We will be discussing topics, like: 

• Why should Product Managers involve engineers with customers?

• Your Product Manager sucks. How do you fix it?

• What happens when engineers and product managers disagree? 

• Why should engineers be involved early? 

• Why are the details important to engineers? 

• Why is trust and transparency important? 


6:00-6:30pm - Food and networking

6:30-7:45 - Panel

7:45-? - Networking

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Cbus Product Club: The Value of Customer Journey Mapping
6:00pm 6:00pm

Cbus Product Club: The Value of Customer Journey Mapping

How can we better understand our customers and ourselves?

Join us for a talk about customer journey mapping -- a simple but effective method to comprehend the people, processes and experiences that surround us. 

Journey maps illuminate topics ranging from awareness to retention... from app downloads to in-store conversions... from call centers to service design. They are robust tools, helpful to anyone exploring the interactions between businesses and customers. 

You will learn how to: 

• Create and maintain customer journey maps

• Discover innovation opportunities within a product strategy

Clarify and improve customer experiences 


About the presenter

Edward Stull works as user experience designer and researcher in Columbus, Ohio. He helps teams work through product, service, and marketing challenges.




6:00-6:30 Food and Networking    

6:30-7:30 Presentation Discussion    

7:30-? - Networking

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Cbus Product Club
9:00pm 9:00pm

Cbus Product Club

  • The Forge by Pillar (Smith Brothers building) (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

This Month’s Event:

It’s Product, NOT ProjectDispelling the Fixed Mindset

You’ve heard it before:  

“This “project” needs to be done by…”  

“We sold it already, so we need to do X…”

In our roles as PdM’s or Product Owner’s, one of the biggest hurdles in working with business stakeholders is counteracting the project mindset.  The thought process that once you finish this “project” this “quarter” or in “X” time frame, your product is done.  But Product lives and breathes, and you’re the one tasked with keeping it alive.  In this month’s Columbus PdM Meetup we will discuss:

·  Dispelling the Project Mindset

·  What a PdM or PO Communicates: Product Lives and Breathes

·  Strategies & Tools to Get Stakeholders to think Product vs. Project

Tammy Smith is a Principal Consultant for Cardinal Solutions Group, and currently in a Technical Product Manager client role.  She is passionate about creating meaningful digital product solutions for clients and loves the challenge of solving customer problems.  Outside of work, you can find her planning her next travel adventure, or deep in a book or conversation.



    6:00-6:30 Food and Networking 

    6:30-7:30 Presentation Discussion 

    7:30-? - Networking


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